Various companies, various projects, various methodologies. The true-life story

Do you wonder why we share our implementation experience with you? First of all, because we believe that together we can do much more than if we isolate ourselves and limit access to knowledge.

Reading time 10 minutes
author Tomasz Wrzesiewski
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How to budget and control costs in a project? How to make it valuable for the performance? The case study

We’re approaching the 200 metres of the planned 1 km of excavation (200 metres are really a lot). We’re even more happy, because we have managed to catch up on the accrued delay resulting from submit...

Reading time 4 minutes
author Tomasz Wrzesiewski
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Tools in project management: how to improve communication?

We’ve already pointed out the major problems connected with communication and the ways of solving them. However, we haven’t shown what kind of tools we’ve been using to improve communication. It’s ti...

Reading time 5 minutes
author Anna Wysoczańska
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