From building the project management structure, rescuing the troubled projects, to maximizing effects and finalizing.

We are suitably experienced in each stage of project life - from the moment of its identification, to performance, and also rescuing a project, if there is such need.

We know how to build the efficient Project Management Office (PMO)

Our overriding objective of such implementation project is always creating not only the structure, but also, above all, the process of project management.

Thanks to that, we are able to assure full transparency and up-to-date data in all phases of management.

While building PMO we use several tools, both soft and hard, such as:

  • process flow diagnosis,
  • assessment and development centre,
  • mentoring,
  • group and individual support.

We know how to use technology


We are keen on technology that makes the work easier.


That’s why under our cooperation contract we enable tracking projects progress at one platform. Checking results and progress in the real time, by means of mobile devices, considerably facilitates our work.

But structure and tools are not all, of course. We pay great attention to the members of Project Management Office.

We develop their proficiency in control, coordination and support for Project Managers. Exchanging information is the base of their experience, so that they share knowledge with other people in an organisation, and the project philosophy, as well as thinking about the delivered result, would become the dominating approach in a company.


increase of running processes


shortening the average time of projects


increase of project portfolio profitability

We know how to pursuit the maximization of results/profits from the projects portfolio.


We use the most modern management tools in our work. We train and support the project team in the process of changes implementation.

Projects are always run to achieve the intended outcome. We also add the maximization, because it is important at what cost the result is going to be achieved.

The steps according to which we act are clearly defined and tested, and lead us to the best results. They are, among others:

  • projects identification and visualisation,
  • projects selection and prioritising,
  • optimisation and periodical overview of projects portfolio.


We know how to rescue the troubled project.

The project must be run, but there are more and more negative factors appearing? How to cope with that? For us, it is a special mission.

We start from the thorough analysis of the project feasibility. When we already know what doesn’t work, or where there are shortages, we move on to action.

We take various steps, such as:

  • we optimise the project schedule,
  • we implement the rules of project resources availability management,
  • we implement strong management and control mechanisms,
  • we improve communication in a project.

See how we work:


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