The individual approach


We believe that each person and organisation requires an individual approach, that’s why we do not offer exclusive, sophisticated consultative or training programmes.

In particular our specialisations are focused on:

Project management

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Processes management

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Strategic management

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Each time we start our job from the analysis of both needs and the current situation.

We look into many areas, not only the one we started from, where the need of development appeared. On several occasions we have proved that looking at the matter from bird’s eye view helps in tracing the best path from which the journey towards development should start.
Often enough it turns out that the way which seemed to be the right one at the beginning, is not like that at the end of the day. Only after having all the information and getting the full view, we move on to set the
directions for development.
Knowing where we are going, what resources we have, and the environment we are set in, we are able to design tailor-made solutions, showing the best paths and steps that will let us reach our goal.

We use a great variety of methods, techniques, and tools in our work.

We often quit the traditional and the most popular solutions, using technologies and joining theoretically contradictory approaches instead.

We are not only targeted for achieving the goal, but also optimizing the way itself.

We do:

  • individual consultations,

  • short- and long-term consulting,

  • trainings and workshops.



trainings and workshops



trained people



managed projects

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