Art Strategy Group - craftsmen and visionaries of companies’ development and efficiency enhancement.

We support companies not only in their choice of the best direction for development, processes improvement, or making projects last shorter, but, first of all, in finding the practical ways of achieving it all.

Our company are not only skillful craftsmen of boosting companies’ efficiency, but also visionaries. Thanks to that, we always try to think out of the box, keeping in mind the fact that each organisation lives its own life, with individual needs and problems.

In our work, in supporting others on their road to success, we often use tools, techniques and methods which are not popularised (especially in Poland).

The areas of our expertise are primarily:


Project management

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Processes management

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Strategic management

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Why don’t we cling to the theory in our pursuit of achieving better results?

Because we want to obtain them in the natural conditions of a given organisation, through its everyday route that is mostly determined by the individual factors.

So how can we adopt one theoretical solution for so many different ways, if their environments are so changeable and diversified?

That is why, during many years of concentration on business development, we came to one conclusion: each organisation needs an individual approach.

We try to apply this in our everyday work.


Our methods, thanks to which we have succeeded, are being constantly improved, verified and modified. We go beyond our comfort zone in our belief, that thanks to that we will bring the true value, which is just our goal.

We set very high standards for ourselves, and at the same time we request for the same on the other side, which means commitment and support in the change process. We deliver our services in Poland and other European countries, as well as in the United States.

We are where the true will and need of development are, even if they are not targeted. We are to help in that.

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