We believe that every organisation, no matter what business sector or environment they operate in, can significantly increase their effectiveness without the need for excessive capital investments.   Our everyday activities demonstrate that such positive effects can be achieved by changing the way people think and manage resources, by eliminating activities that do not generate value, and overcoming routine and bad habits. 

To this end, we focus only on our key competences and areas in which we have achieved documented successes, such as: project, process, and strategic management. 


We learn something new every day and we shall never cease learning – we constantly test new ideas and tools, verify and modify methods which have contributed to our up-to-date successes. We are open to new challenges and dedicated to delivering real value to our clients.

We set high standards for ourselves and expect our clients to be involved and supportive of the change processes we are implementing – we do not get involved in projects and ventures that do not contribute any added value. 

To quote one of our clients: „The Art Strategy Group consultants are visionaries and craftsmen at the same time. They not only think out of the box but stay focused on what they want to achieve  with their client”.

Tomasz Wrzesiewski

Manager, consultant and trainer

Tomasz Wrzesiewski – Manager, consultant and trainer. Tomasz graduated from the Management Department of the University of Warsaw and the Canadian International Management Institute. He has over 15 years of experience in business and training, and specializes in project, strategic and sales management. He once managed a sales team for a commercial company, co-ordinating a team of several dozen sales representatives in the UK, France, and Spain, for six years. The company achieved significant successes on the European markets.

Tomasz specializes in developing and implementing business solutions in the area of project management, strategic management and sales management. His team includes specialists in the field of IT (system architects and developers), process modelling, team management and leadership.

Tomasz has a lot of experience in building and managing various specialised teams: he has managed restructuring projects for small and big manufacturing and service enterprises, and public and non-profit organisations. He managed, among others, an agency sales implementation project for a global corporation and project management processes for several multinationals. He was the co-author of a southern market entry strategy for an FMCG client. He has also co-operated with the Polish Sejm’s  Energy Commission and the European Parliament.

Tomasz specializes in projects, consulting and training in the areas of project portfolio management, strategic management, business process modelling, sales and team management.  He subscribes to and promotes the AGILE, critical chain and Load Factor Scheduling methodologies in management. He tries to combine the best client-dedicated solutions in his approach, and creatively implements elements of Agile, Business Process Development, Load Factor Scheduling and CCPM. His achievements, particularly as regards the application of Agile methodology in sales process and project portfolio modelling using Load Factor Scheduling and CCPM, have been a source of inspiration to other trainers and consultants.

Tomasz has been involved in numerous consulting and training projects for many clients, such as: Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja, Dr Irena Eris S.A., KRUK S.A., Żabka S.A., LOT Ams., Sonel S.A., Euro-Tax Sp. z o.o., Fortum Oil & Gas Sp. z o.o, Broen Gas & Oil Sp. z o.o., Urząd Miejski Wrocławia (Wrocław Municipal Office), Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze, TechniSat Sp. z o.o.

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